About Me

fishfaceHi. I’m Irene. I’ve been writing since the tender and awkward age of ten. Mostly I write fiction—short stories, novels and such—but since starting my MFA program through the New Hampshire Institute of Art, I’ve been doing a bit more metawriting—writing about writing—in the form of reviews, craft papers, and reflections on my own process.

What’s this blog about?

This is my first dedicated effort at blogging, and my intention is to share some of my work. I’ve posted my work elsewhere on the Internet, but I’m finding it’s kind of fun to post it with a bit of context. I also want to share my reactions to books I’m reading. In my MFA program, we wrote a lot of book reviews and craft papers.  I found it useful to move beyond “I liked it….I didn’t like it,” and identify craft elements of each book that either pull me in or push me out. Lastly, my intention is to share what interests me in hopes that it might interest others and spark something.

Who am I outside of Metawriting?

I am an academic librarian by profession. I made the decision six or seven years ago to get a nice, cushy job so that I could stop worrying about how to pay the rent and just focus on my fiction. I came to the shocking realization that I wasn’t going to be able to just snap my fingers and become a financially secure novelist. A gig like that takes time, effort, and as a mentor of mine stated, lots of different things to all fall into place (eg: luck.)

Well, the cushy job thing didn’t just fall into place either. It took me almost five years of piecing together lots of part-time situations—adjunct teaching, part-time reference librarian-ing, writing center tutoring—drafting my cover letter and CV a thousand times, bombing a bunch of phone interviews, and banging my head against the wall. I feel very lucky to have finally landed my dream job, and I rewarded myself with an MFA in creative writing, and by making a commitment to returning to the beautiful world of writing.
I’m also happily gay-married, living in the Pioneer Valley, and loving on my daughter and three cats.

Drop me a line some time.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I added a link to your interview with William Boyle in my review of his book on GR. I presumed this would be ok. Thanks for following cootsreviews.com. It seems only fair to do the same here.


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