My Writing

Short Stories and Flash

The Insemination.”  PANK, 11.1: Spring/Summer, 2016.

“Sort of Normal.”  Minerva Rising.  Winter, 2016.

Hello, Mr. Sea Turtle.”  Intrinsick, Feb 2016.

Boy.”  DOGZPLOT Flash Fiction, Nov 2015.

Excerpt of Inpatient.  If and Only If: a journal of body image eating disorders. Oct 2015.

The Pedestrian’s Version of Tailgating.”  freeze frame fiction, q6, Oct 2015.

Street Names.”  Hobart, Sep 2015.

Horses.”  DOGZPLOT Flash Fiction, May 2013. (as Evelyn Jeandron.)

“Can You Forgive Me, Pumpkin?” Prima Materia, 2004.

In a World Full of Crazy Talk.” Oasis Literary Magazine, Oct-Dec 2003.

The Girl You Feel Sorry for Versus The Girl You Really Don’t Like.” Oasis Literary Magazine, July-Sep 2003.

“Beautiful Track and Field Stars.” Prima Materia, 2003.

“Soft.” Fingernails, A Literature of the Senses, 2002.

“The Tale of the Donut Thief.”  The Circle Magazine, Summer 2002.

Reviews and Creative Non-Fiction

The Breast Crawl.”  Crack the Spine, 240, July 30, 2018.

A Visual Delight of Snack Sized Literature with Zest.”  The Review Review.  July, 2018.

A Sound Meditation on Mountain Culture.”  The Review Review.  May, 2018.

All In.” Growing up Girl, 2016.

Canadian Lit Mag Celebrates 70 Years with an Amazing Collection.”  The Review Review, December, 2015.

Love, Loneliness, and Hope Revealed in Unexpected Ways.”  The Review Review, July, 2015.

New Erotic Literary Magazine is Smart, Sexy, Rebellious, & Edgy.”  The Review Review, March, 2015.



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